26 Feb OASIS & FIRST Borderless Cyber Conference and Technical Symposium in Prague

On 6th December 2017 Jassim Happa held a presentation about PROTECTIVE and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) at the OASIS & FIRST Borderless Cyber Conference and Technical Symposium in Prague. The presentation was titled: “PROTECTIVE – Lessons Learnt to Date” and was the first opportunity to publicly present and discuss project’s progress along with lessons learnt from the first year of running the project.

The symposium was attended by industry, academia and government practitioners alike. The presentation was well-received and was one of the several presentations that sparked a debate on what CTI encompasses with experts and novices alike as well as the role of the GDPR in the context of cyber threat intelligence.

Moving forward there are a number of challenges that PROTECTIVE are addressing directly, including GDPR compliance, trust and confidence in CTI, community building and the nature of CTI itself. While it is a long road ahead in innovation and research – it was certainly pleasant to see such a vibrant audience and community that engage and challenge the state of the art to advance it.

The slide deck may be downloaded from here. Along with other slides from the symposium that me be found here.